Principal's News

 Welcome Back

Welcome back to Term Four, I hope everyone had a great break.

Term Four is always a very busy term and this year is no exception. The China Student Exchange, Year 6 Graduation, reports, the development of grades for 2020, planning for the 2020 school year, Chinese Cultural Day (29th November), Prep Swimming and whole school transition are just some of the activities to be held. Notifications and information for all activities will be distributed through COMPASS.


China Student Exchange

Early Saturday morning Ben Parker, Chelsea Bower, Shasha Guo and I will be accompanying 18 Year 6 students on our student exchange trip to Nanjing.

The 18 students have been participating in extra Mandarin classes to improve their language skills, increase their cultural knowledge and work on the presentations they will make in Nanjing.

Whilst in China the students will engage in classes at our Sister School, participate in cultural tours, present about Australia, live with Chinese families, eat lots of Chinese food, visit Shanghai and generally be ambassadors for our country and school.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our students, who have all been working hard to prepare themselves for the trip.

Dean Napier will be Acting Principal in my absence.


Robyn James