WELC Report

Message from the

acting WELC Coordinator

- Ms Debby Morgan

The term has gone very quickly in the Language Centre.  We are in the second-last week of term and six of our students are preparing to exit the Language Centre and transition to mainstream high school.  We will hold a graduation to celebrate their achievements in the Language Centre on the final day of term.  We wish those students all the best in their future studies and life in Australia.


All secondary students went on an excursion to Werribee Zoo where they attended an education session on Australian animals.  The highlight of the day was a ride on the Safari Bus where they could see wild animals such as bison, zebras and rhinos up close. As students have been studying animals in Science, this complemented their learning well, and students and teachers enjoyed spending time in nature, learning more about the many wonderful animals we have on this planet.

We are still running classes in the Language Centre, but all students should prepare just in case we are forced to shut down due to the current COVID-19 issues.  All students should be able to log in to Compass and Reading Eggs at home and have a working email.  We have cancelled a few events, such as Harmony Day and School Athletics, and ask that all students continue with good hygiene practices, including staying home if they are sick, washing their hands well and maintaining safe distances from other students (no touching).

We hope all Language Centre students continue to take advantage of the opportunity they have been given in this final fortnight of school by continuing to attend school and work hard.  We also hope all students and their families remain safe during this time and I am happy to answer any questions you may have. 


Please note that school holidays will begin a day earlier, on Friday 27 March, and Term 2 will now commence on Wednesday 15 April. 


Ms Debby Morgan

Acting WELC Coordinator

Werribee Zoo Excursion


On Thursday, 5th March, students from WELC attended an excursion to Werribee Open Range Zoo, which is about 32 kilometres south-west of Melbourne.


The zoo has educational and entertaining features, such as interactive soundscape walking trails, a simulated African village, and a bus safari ride.


It was an enjoyable and educational excursion for students and teachers. Below is a recount from one of the students, about the excursion.


Ms Katerina Tetoros

WELC Teacher

Two weeks ago, I went on an excursion to Werribee Zoo with my classmates from Westall English Language Centre. We got there by bus. It took approximately one and a half hours to get there.


When we arrived, we were greeted by a Zookeeper. First, we went on the Australian animal trail. We saw some wallabies, emus and koalas. We listened to the zookeeper inform us about their characteristics and their habits. We also completed some small activities about those animals.


Then, we got on a safari bus for our tour around the zoo to see the African animals. We spotted many different animals such as ostriches, rhinoceroses, zebras and giraffes. We all took many beautiful pictures of them.


Next, we had lunch. I just brought a sandwich for my lunch, but my friends brought other food so we shared it with each other. We had a wonderful lunch.


After that, we walked around another zoo trail to see some lions and monkeys. Finally, we had a short time to play at the playground before getting back on the bus and returning to school.

It was a memorable day. I had many interesting experiences. I was very pleased to go on this school excursion.


by Linh Nguyen - Group 1