OHSC by Extend

Extend Update

 Next Week's Activities:

MondayCooking: Fruit Pie Making
TuesdayScience: Steel Wool Experiment 
WednesdayCooking: Apple Crumble
ThursdayMaking Sorbet
FridayArt: Japanese Cherry Blossom Painting


The Extend Superstar is…

Tom and Ryan… for using great hands on skills, being creative and resourceful!


What’s Been Happening?

At Extend we celebrated Valentine’s Day and made some lovely crafts and pictures for our families and loved ones. This was a special time to reflect and say thank you to the people around us. 


We kneaded our own dough to cook up our own pizza. Our choc-banana muffins were both healthy and delicious. Sushi was a crowd favourite. We filled our sushi with yummy vegetables and learnt how to fold up the nori seaweed.


In before school care we moulded our own clay, created some unique crafts, and even designed our own terracotta pot plants, whipped up our own healthy breakfasts and enjoyed rounds of ping-pong. 


Our sherbet was sour and tantalised our taste buds, we learnt that bicarbonate soda has a very unique sour taste when mixed with other ingredients. A lot of concentration was required when we painted our plaster sculptures… there were aliens, UFO’s, vehicles and even dinosaurs! Lucky we all have a steady hand when painting!


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