From the Principal

Dr. Andrew Cousins

As we come to the end of Term 1, I take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge the remarkable team of staff who have carried the College through a memorable start to the school year. Set against the evolving COVID-19 backdrop, Term 1 seems to have had it all, remote learning, phenomenal rain and flooding, flexible calendars, shifting restrictions and reimagined events.


Despite these curveballs, there have been many occasions when the College’s light has shone brightly. It was wonderful to see the College spirit and support on show during the QGSSSA Gymnastic Championships on Tuesday. It is fantastic that the College can host this event, and I thank all the staff (Chris Barnes, Jo Rogers, Rebecca Clydesdale, Tim Opstelten, Meg Graham, Paul Yarrow, Dan Drewe, David Churcher and the maintenance team, Kelley Musgrave, Katie Probin, Kerry Haenga, the Tuckshop Staff and the Boarding House staff) involved in the planning, organization and on the day for making it a memorable one.   


This outcome on Tuesday epitomizes the dedication exhibited throughout the Term by all of the Clayfield staff. We are so blessed to have a wonderful team of committed, caring, engaged and extraordinary staff. Throughout the Term, academic staff have delivered lessons remotely from quarantine, agile changes to lesson delivery modes and altered assessment schedules to accommodate illness. Behind each of these remote or face to face learning experiences, our team of non-teaching and corporate staff have ensured that the facilities were sanitized, COVID-19 guidelines followed, and timely communications delivered. It really has been a team effort. 


This focus and commitment to student learning, belonging and experience by all staff at the College is such a critical aspect of the Clayfield culture. The culture that we live in determines the behaviours which are attractive to us. James Clear in Atomic Habits talks about the tendency to imitate the habits of three social groups the close (family and friends), the many (the tribe) and the powerful (those with status and prestige). He goes on to say that nothing sustains motivation better than belonging to the tribe. The Clayfield tribe has demonstrated wholeheartedly during the Term that building friendships and facilitating community is a critical aspect of our culture. It is this culture that has provided the drive and energy to ensure that despite the adverse circumstances, Term 1 has delivered a wonderful student experience.


The end of the Term also provides an opportunity to thank, acknowledge and farewell Angela Guzman, Dan Drewe and Louise Main. We wish these members of the Clayfield family well as they embark on the next chapter of their journey. I trust that each of you will have the opportunity to regenerate and refresh over the coming weeks. Whatever form your recovery time takes, I hope that the Easter period provides a chance to move at your own pace and recharge, and I look forward to seeing you refreshed, healthy and ready for the adventure of Term 2.