A Spotlight on Learning

Highlights from the Learning Specialists

Welcome to Term 2! This term, we are starting a dedicated space for our four Learning Specialists to share the work they are doing around the school. At ACS, we are very lucky to have this team of instructional leaders, whose role is predominantly to build staff capacity through modelling, coaching and facilitating professional learning for all. Each of our Learning Specialists brings a unique set of skills and knowledge that they share with staff and students.


This week, we would like to introduce… Jess Argento.

Literacy intervention at ACS

Hello ACS community!


It is lovely to be able to share the work we are doing with staff and students across the school.  My name is Jess, and I lead our Learning Intervention and Support area.  I am very passionate about meeting the learning needs of all students, having completed my Master of Learning Intervention in 2020.  My further studies really opened my eyes to the learning difficulties some students may have, and I’m proud to be part of the ACS team, where we work hard to ensure no student slips through the cracks.  You may have heard from me if your child has been identified for additional support with their reading.


In 2021 and 2022, the Victorian Government has invested $250 million in the Tutor Learning Initiative (TLI), to support schools to address disruptions to student learning as a result of COVID-19.  The TLI has enabled schools across Victoria to engage qualified professionals as tutors to work with small groups of students to support their learning. Here at ACS, we have been able to establish a robust, sustainable model for literacy intervention.  We have a wonderful team of part-time teaching tutors in Year 1-2, consisting of Freya, Carla and Lisa, and this term, we welcomed Gabby and Pip back from family leave to work in the Year 3-6 area.  I am also lucky to be able to jump in and work with many of our groups for one session per week.  We are pleased to be able to support a significant number of our students, with just over 120 students involved in the program this term.


At the end of last term, we were very excited to receive a delivery of lovely new furniture for our dedicated intervention spaces.  This was greatly appreciated, and the intervention staff excitedly set up their spaces to optimise teaching and learning.  Here are Freya and Lisa working with some of their groups.

We are looking ahead to an exciting term of growth for our students!