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Auslan Extra









Hello, and welcome back, 


As you all may have noticed, we celebrated “Auslan Day” on 13th April. We (Deaf community) have been very lucky that SBS launched its first ever Auslan video podcast series – Our Deaf Ways – celebrating and exploring everyday life as a Deaf person. Episode one is available today in Auslan with an interpreter voiceover on the SBS website, SBS Australia YouTube, Apple Podcasts and Pocket Casts. I am excited as this allows people to see a different view of us and help audiences to understand and relate to the Deaf community more and appreciate our language and culture – essentially our Deaf ‘ways’. Be sure to check it out. 


As always, bring on any questions and/or challenges and I will try my best to answer and share them within this community.


Last but definitely not least, in this YouTube clip we are lucky to have two brave students, Charlie and Sari, from Grade 3 teaching you some sport signs in Auslan.


YouTube Clip – Charli and Sari teaching sport vocabulary


Enjoy, and happy learning 


Andrew Welshe