Dear Parents/Staff/MESC Community,

We have a few exciting announcements to make to our school community!

Last Thursday we received exciting news that Mount Eliza Secondary College will be receiving close to half a million dollars to upgrade our bathrooms. Unfortunately, this will not include facilities in our Gymnasium, however it is really exciting that our students will have amenities that are modern. It has been because of the persistence of School Council Members and in particular, Brenda Barker – our Business Manager that this grant has come to fruition. 

I would like to acknowledge the group of current, past, and future families that have been strong advocates for the college in recent months. You may be aware of this through activity on a local Facebook page. These parents have been rallying local MP's and conversing with Department of Education and Training to raise awareness of much needed refurbishments across the college. If you follow political parties on social media, you will be able to see some of the MP visits to MESC and proposed outcomes of the two elections this year.

Many of you have seen and commented on the amazing Merbau feature wall at the front office and the difference a coat of paint has made to the front entrance. We intend to slowly work our way around the college painting window trims and poles. Paul from Thorne Home Renovations built our wall and is currently designing some Merbau seating for the front lawn. 

Dane our new Gardener, will then be completing some landscaping around our ‘Fish installation’ and planting of mature trees. 

In coming weeks, we will have some window frosting and banners installed by DSS Signs, utilising our International Baccalaureate Learner Profiles.

Consultation with 360 South continues as we collaborate with them on the re design of our website. While we are not changing our college emblem of the banksia, we are working with 360 South to develop a style guide and ‘badge’ approach. It has been a rewarding experience to work with the 360 South team, and we appreciate the support and generosity of time they are donating to the college.


At Mount Eliza secondary College, we are so excited to be working with Brooke Harris (Director) and her Crossroads team to provide support to our students. I am passionate about educating young people in seeking the medical interventions they need to make sure they are healthy in body and mind. It is important that young people normalise mental health intervention, the same way they would seek services from a GP and understand how to navigate this process as they move into adulthood.

Crossroads Psychology is pleased to be partnering a new initiative with Mount Eliza Secondary College to provide accessible and professional psychological services to the MESC community.

Our highly skilled practitioners are passionate about providing effective evidence-based interventions to improve the health and wellbeing of young people and their families.

Practitioners will be available onsite for appointments commencing 30/05/2022. Our onsite consult room is private and quiet with an external entrance.

For all inquiries and to make a booking, please contact:

 Crossroads Psychology on (03) 8774 7076 or visit our website

Medicare and private health rebates are available.

We look forward to joining the MESC community!

Brooke Harris - Director 


Before the start of the school year, I sent a letter home to parents and carers requesting families to support school staff by adhering to MESC policy and procedures. In recent weeks, staff are spending valuable teaching time talking to students about readiness to learn, being out of uniform, behaviours stemming from phone use and social media and attendance/punctuality.

While we have processes in place at the school to encourage positive behaviours and consequences when necessary - much of this time could be recouped by conversations and actions taking place at home prior to students attending the school day. As a mum of a school aged child, and in a busy job, I can totally appreciate the busyness of a household and the frustrating conversations with an adolescent- especially when you hear the chant “but all the other kids don’t - or the teachers don’t care”. I will be speaking to staff about the importance of these high expectations and consistency of practice - as I know this can cause irritation for students and families.

Top 5 supports would be great!

  • Make contact with the College if you need support regarding student health and wellbeing – especially if it is impacting attendance/punctuality.
  • Supporting DET Phone Policy .  After a student has been found with a phone on their person after 3 times, a parent/guardian MUST collect the phone.
  • Blazer every day, ONLY grey school socks, grey school scarf, leather SCHOOL shoes with heel
  • CLEAR FLAT nose piercings ONLY
  • Contact Year Level Coordinator if an extended student absence is expected

Danielle Vaughan