Combined Campus Reports

Business Management Takes Flight

Last week in their learning of Operations Management for Area of Study 3 of Unit 3, the VCE Business Management class participated in an activity where they had to simulate a business manufacturing paper planes. They had to research a plan for their aircraft, design a logo (which had to appear on each aircraft in the same location) and in their roles of CEO, Operations/Quality Manager and manufacturing worker, in teams of three, the students had to work together to design and build 15 identical paper planes. Test flights were conducted and after over an hour’s work, they finally had a competition to see which team’s plane would fly the farthest and have the most ‘airtime’. 


It was a great activity to stretch their practical skills, and while it may sound easy, the students will testify to the complications they found in the process and the constant need to make corrections to their ideas and process, with the limited resources they were given. They were also tasked with incorporating one of the quality control and lean manufacturing strategies they have learnt about this term. 


Both teams won prizes for their efforts. Watch the video to see how the competition went down.


Mr Evan Varty

Business Management teacher

OCP Build Update

The build at OCP is continuing with lots of progress made over the past week.


On Campus at OCP

Some of the OCP students learning on campus during this lockdown period. 


Prep Orientation Day #1

Due to Stage 3 Restrictions in place across the Metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shires, our team needed to make sure our families were safe but could still connect for the very important Prep Orientation Day for the Class of Prep 2021. 


Instead of an on-campus event, we decided to offer our Preps and their families the opportunity to visit the classroom online. 


After the Orientation Day, each of our guests received an email with a link to the video that they could watch through again with their soon to be ‘big school’ child at home. Our next Orientation Day is planned for Wednesday 9 September, so we will have more information closer to the date as to whether that will be an on-campus or virtual event. 


Narre Warren South Campus

Ms Dennis created a video of the Prep Classroom, showing all guests through the Prep learning and outdoor spaces. Mrs Capon (Assistant to Deputy Principal) and Mrs Jackie Saluni (Enrolments) also joined us for the meeting. Our new Prep friends brought their favourite toy for Show and Tell, and Ms Dennis read her favourite story.


One of our incoming Prep parents said after the session that it was ‘nice to see and meet you online. That was an amazing session and we felt so warmly welcomed.’


Officer Campus

Mrs van Dyk created a video of the Prep classroom, showing all guests through the learning and outdoor spaces. Mrs Nuske (Assistant to Deputy Principal) and Mrs Jackie Saluni (Enrolments) also joined us for the meeting. Our new Prep friends brought their favourite toy for Show and Tell, and Mrs van Dyk read her favourite story. College Principal, Mr Sonny Aiono, also joined the meeting to say hello to all our incoming Prep students for next year. He also shared his show and tell, the Staff v Students Sporting Trophy from this year!


Thank you, everyone, for attending.


Mrs Fiona Spence

Communications and Marketing 

Scholastic Book Club

Welcome back to Term 3.  To start the term off Scholastic Book Club Issue 5 is here.  Due to lockdown we will again be conducting Book Club slightly differently. You can view a PDF of Issue 5 here.


Please place orders Online or via the Scholastic Book Club LOOP app.  Unfortunately this means we are unable to take cash orders currently.  Our apologies for the inconvenience.


Please place orders by the 5th of August. Pick up/delivery of items will be organised from the school when they arrive.


Your Book Club Coordinators,

Penny Tan and Kylie-Ann Martin