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Year 9 French Croissant Making - Jane Dough Bakery


Nous adorons les croissants! Monsieur Dough est très cool et travailleur. Il a été tellement gentil de prendre le temps de parler avec nous. La boulangerie est petite mais très intéressante! Merci beaucoup! 


The trip to the bakery was absolutely amazing and very enjoyable. We had no idea how much maths was involved with cooking, let alone baking! Mr. Dough’s explanations and stories that he told while he worked were extraordinary and quite entertaining. We love how he showed us his passion, hard work, determination and skill. Mr. Dough’s methods were very precise which meant his products were utterly delicious! We talked about sharing meals as a common ground to explore language and culture. What a wonderful opportunity to explore French cuisine and thank you Mr. Dough for the mouth-watering croissants!

Jasmine Prakash et Milla Darmanin