Assistant Principal's Report

Traffic Management

The school building works have progressed to the ‘L (Lower) Wing’ along the drive through this term. This has forced the closure of the drop off lane has making traffic management difficult and dangerous this term. You can help reduce congestion by picking up your children at a nearby meeting place such as the Reid Oval, Mac Oval, Walter Oval, Hockey Field etc. This term this will be much quicker than using the drive through and also enable students to get their recommended daily intake of exercise as well. When the building works are completed we are hoping to close the drive through to improve OHS for staff and students at Warrnambool College.


Subject Selection

It was brilliant to see so many families at the Subject Expo on Wednesday night. Choosing of electives and subjects is an important time in our school year and can be a difficult decision for students. Subject selections need to be submitted online by Monday the 26th of August. Students and families are encouraged to make informed decisions by seeking out information from a wide range of sources. Students are encouraged to select subjects they are passionate about, subjects that can enable them to succeed into the future. There have been some changes to subjects for 2020, the prospectus is available on the school website and we encourage you to have a look at this.

Part of the subject selection process involves teachers making recommendations for the students. Our staff are factoring in academic and attitude and effort ratings when making these recommendations. For those families that wish discuss these recommendations there will be a session running on Wednesday the 14th of August, bookings will be available on Compass after the Subject Expo.


VCE and VCAL Focus

The end is in sight, and with it a great opportunity for our students studying Unit 3/4 and Senior VCAL subjects to make a significant difference. Study and ATAR scores are significantly impacted through effective study, regular feedback and maximum effort. VCAL competencies are close to being met, and a hard push to the end of the year will enable many of our students to transition into full time employment. You will only ever regret the shot you don’t take. Good luck