Upcoming Dates

Upcoming Dates

Week 5

Musical Show Week

12th August: Lake Condah Tour

12th August: HOL - Tower Hill Excursion

13th August: VCAL Graffiti Project

14th August: Clontarf vs Kings College Green Laces Game

14th August: Lake Condah Tour

15th August: Aboriginal Art Project - Kalay Academy

15th - 17th August: Hairspray The Musical Shows

16th - 17th August: Clontarf Melbourne Camp

18th August: Childers Bunnings BBQ


Week 6

19th August: SEAL and SPP Applications Close

19th August: Year 12 Biology Ecolink Excursion

20th August: Year 9 Police Talk Cyber Safety

20th August: Engagement & Wellbeing Meeting

21st August: Warrnambool Books Textbook Expo

21st August: Parent Teacher Interviews

22nd August: Young Leaders to Indonesia

23rd August: Childers Out of Uniform Day


Week 7

Warrnambool Wellbeing Week

26th - 28th August: Year 9 Cape Bridgewater Camp

27th - 28th August: Multicultural Leadership Camp

30th August: VCAL Intermediate Social Enterprise Trip