The below refelction is taken from theMelbourne archdiocese


Welcome In union with many communities around the world and throughout Australia, we gather in prayerful solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Afghanistan today. We are painfully aware that this is not the only place of suffering in the world at present and we acknowledge that the government here has held Afghani refugees in detention centres for years. We pray from within our tradition, extending solidarity outwards to all Afghani families and individuals, especially to girls and women in Afghanistan. We value human freedom, democratic rights, and access to education and social protection. We use our imaginations to contemplate the fear of so many who have struggled for so long.



Mary, woman of faith:                                                                   pray for us. 

St Oscar Romero, servant of the poor:                                    pray for us. 

St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, woman of courage:          pray for us.

 St Maximillian Kolbe, servant of the prisoner:                      pray for us. 

St Josephine Bakhita, woman of endurance:                         pray for us. 

St Ignatius of Loyola, servant of truth:                                     pray for us. 

St Edith Stein, woman of dedication:                                       pray for us. 

St Francis of Asissi, servant of peace:                                     pray for us