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Peter Katiforis
Peter Katiforis

The Quarantine Routine


The month of May now marks the second official month of quarantine. Schools, businesses and even catch-ups with grandparents all moved onto zoom calls as our lives suddenly changed almost overnight. As the reality of remote learning slowly started to become our daily norm, we found ourselves having to adjust and adapt to what had now become everyday life. 


School, for me, was a familiar face and voice teaching me through the speakers of my computer and getting down to the job at hand. It was pretty good! However, the sleep-ins became more common, so did my daily trips to the fridge, and suddenly it seemed like we just never had enough food, no matter how many bags full of groceries we brought back from Coles! 


Quarantine has certainly been a unique experience. It is safe to say that we have all lived through a point in our world that will be spoken of for the rest of history. 



Peter Katiforis  | CBC Student