From Our Principal,

Chris Chant

The news this morning was extremely positive and we can now see the numbers of confirmed COVID – 19 cases falling. Sadly there continues to be a number of people who have lost their battle with the disease and passed away. Remember to follow the public health safety guidelines. Observe the curfew, socially distance, limit time away from and distance from home, use hand sanitiser and observe the necessary health hygiene practices.


As I read the news each day I am surprised at the ability that health professionals have to track the COVID virus, identify the key sources of infection and track the hot spots and related contacts. It is a battle that is being fought in homes, in businesses, in laboratories and in health care facilities. We can all do our part to support those who take on the challenges everyday.


On line learning creates challenges for everyone. In the past week, we have received a number of calls from parents of young children who have noticed negative changes in their child's behaviour since the introduction of online learning. More aggression, more tantrums, and difficulty falling asleep. Thes calls are followed up by class teachers and members of the well being team.


Our children's brains and eyes are not designed for so much concentrated time sitting in front of the screens. We need to help children to counterbalance the impact of it. Using a simple timetable may help you structure the amount of time spent on a device. We know that every family is a different situation. Can I reinforce the message we have given since the start of the lock down periods. Do What You Can!!


Educate children on the importance of movement, incorporate recess and lunch breaks into their schedule as well as short movement breaks. Teach them 20-20-20 rule: every 20 min look 20 metres away for 20 sec. 

Ensure a proper sitting posture and computer setup. Whenever possible, incorporate real, hands on learning activities such as art, cooking, gardening, and walking/scooter rides/running.


At the start of each year families choose to pay an excursion levy. This year has been  such a challenging time with home learning and the whole community dealing with a world wide pandemic. Our Finance committee has directed the school to implement a refund process for the unused portion of these levies. This process has commenced and will take some time to complete as each transaction needs to be processed individually. Thank you for your understanding. 


Chris Chant




Curriculum Development 


Last night, we convened our first Curriculum team meetings for this term. Our goal was to begin the process of creating a clear audit around these key questions: What is working? Where can we improve? What innovations can we introduce? In the Numeracy Team, we were worked on these three key questions to identify key challenges and establish a direction for our work. The area for immediate investigation will be the Victorian and French curricula. In Numeracy there are many overlapping topics in both syllabi; there are also many areas that are either incongruent at particular levels, such as fractions and  there exists similar areas of focus, such as geometry. We will use both curricula to create a Numeracy Scope and Sequence document and this work will support the improved teaching of numeracy across the whole school.




Mr Kirk

Numeracy Learning Specialist




Good Afternoon to our Parents, caregivers and students,


For anyone that knows me, they know I’m a big advocate for reading with kids, reading to kids and reading by kids. Here is an article I stumbled across, over the weekend. (Believe it or not, I am so sick of watching TV,  that I am reading about reading).

There were two articles I read. The first was about the benefits of reading for adults and then I found this article about the benefits of reading for children. I hope you enjoy. Don’t hesitate to send me any requests about what you would like to read about in regards to Literacy.

Reading for Kids:17 Reasons why it is important and where to start. By Katie Lemons



Thank you.

Happy Reading.

Leora Heitlinger



Inquiry… Thinking outside the box…


Over the next few months, the staff at Caulfield Junior College will be reviewing our current teaching and learning program.  Part of our review will focus on developing an inquiry model at CJC, embedding questions, investigations and discoveries within our curriculums to drive student thinking and learning. 

Have a try at one or more of these and see how creative a thinker you can be.


Anne Hostein

Curriculum Leader