From the Secondary Campus

Step Up Program

Year 9 students from Heritage College joined students from sister school, Gilson College, on Victoria’s Mitta Mitta River for the annual White Water Rafting Camp.  Part of the year-long Step Up program, which sees students attend four different camps through the year, the White Water Rafting camp allows students to spend time in the outdoors where they are challenged to “do hard things”.


“This camp is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where students discover what they are made of. Our perspective and attitude to tough circumstances ultimately determine what we get out of life. I know our Year 9 students have walked away with stronger muscles and minds as a result of their attendance at this camp.” Miss Maggs, Year 9 teacher


We asked some of the Year 9 students to provide their favourite memory from camp:


"Jumping off the rock and making friends with the Gilson kids." Jessica

"My favourite part of camp is the satisfaction of finishing the course to know I've completed it and that I knew I could do it again."  Elijah

"Having fun times around the campfire."  Ava

"I learned that I am a lot stronger and braver than I thought and we need to push ourselves to do hard things."  Eowyn

"Never underestimate yourself."  Brooklyn

"I learnt about resilience and never giving up."  Harrison

"When we all pull our load it makes things easier."  Elijah

"Do things that you think you can't."  Matthew


The Step Up  Program

Beyond offering a traditional educational experience in Year 9, Heritage College takes students outside their comfort zones with the ‘Step Up’ program, challenging students emotionally, physically and intellectually in a supportive environment.  The aim is to provide opportunities to help students ‘know thyself’, understand that intense learning can happen outside the classroom, and to develop their leadership and teamwork skills.


Students are given experiences that require them to work together to solve common goals and make decisions both individually and collectively to achieve specific outcomes. Through these experiences, students find that they challenge themselves and negotiate with others to achieve success. This is achieved with experiential learning activities in the form of four expeditions, training days, excursions and other events.



Mrs Fiona Spence

Community Engagement Officer

Secondary Music Concert


From the Library


As we wrap up Term 3 2019 in the library, your library team would like to remind you to return your books that might be due before the term closes. Also, to look after books that have been borrowed over the school holiday break. Thank you for looking after your library space and remembering on your visits to practice library etiquette, being quiet and considerate of readers. Next term as our senior students prepare for end of year exams we remind all students to be quiet and remember that the library is a place of study and reading.


A big thank you to everyone who has suggested a book, we expect to have most of the books requested on our shelves by the middle of next term.


Enjoy your holiday break.


We look forward to reading and studying with you in Term 4.


Your Officer Library Team

News from The Second-Hand Uniform Shop


This term in the shop we have a lot of new second-hand items. We have three high school blazers in near new condition. These are only $80 each, a great price.


If there is something you are after, come by and have a look.


Opening hours are: Tuesday 8:30-9:30am and 2:30-3:10pm.

Teenage School Holiday Program