From the ELC

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has arrived at the Early Learning Centre and what fun it has already brought with it for the children! They are loving the beautiful outdoor weather and are desperate to spend as much time outside as they possibly can! They’ve already forgotten the fun of winter with its muddy puddles and gum boots and are spending their time chasing each other in the sun, playing hide and seek and building in the sandpit.


Spring is also the perfect time for planting. The children have all had the opportunity to plant some vegetable seeds in a cup which will soon be transferred to our vegetable garden. They have provided these little seeds with so much love and care, a generous dose of watering and are conscious to ensure they are getting sunlight. We had squeals of excitement over the first sprouts and we cannot wait to see what the seedlings grow in to and enjoy the vegetables that we have all nurtured together!


Spring has also provided a change of scenery at bush kinder. Some of the bare trees are blooming again, new areas are able to be explored and the wildlife are coming back out to say hello! Multiple wallabies were sighted by the children this past week and oh what joy it brought them.


We look forward to many more spring adventures over the coming months and as always thank you for your beautiful children and the fun they bring to the Early Learning Centre.



Miss Loren

Vacation Care

The Term 3 vacation care program has landed at the Officer ELC.


Join us for two themed weeks of fun! Please do not hesitate to contact us on for any further information.