Hello, from Carolyn.

Hello everyone!


Being our best.

We are always striving to improve what we do and hold high expectations for ourselves and our students. When teaching, we implement strategies that are known as high impact teaching strategies (HITS). HITS are instructional practices that reliably increase student learning. Currently in our classrooms we are revisiting how we use Learning Intentions and Success Criteria. Learning Intentions make it clear to our students what they will be learning and why. Success Criteria, often developed with the students, helps them to understand what success with this learning will look like. We don't want learning to be a mystery to our students; we want them to know what they are learning, why and how to be successful. It is exciting to visit our classrooms to hear these learning conversations happening. Of course, it's not only in our classrooms that these conversations are happening; after school when teaching staff meet for professional learning time we are discussing how this work is going and how to keep improving what we are doing. It is exciting work and I continue to be impressed by the dedication our staff have to being their best.  


Instagram account.

We now have an Instragram account @bendigops. If you follow us on Facebook or you are an Insta fan, you might like to find us and follow along!


Lost Property.

If your child is missing a school uniform item, especially a jacket, please come in and check the lost property basket opposite the office. It is FULL of items waiting to be collected and very few of them have names on them. Please make sure any clothing your child is likely to take off during the day- hats, jumpers and jackets, coats- have their name clearly written inside. 


Parent/Carer survey.

Keep those responses coming please! We are have nearly had 50% of our families respond and we want 100%!