Living Well, Learning Well

Mrs Rebecca Hofman - Leader of Pedagogy

Week 4 Character Strength Awards

Our character strength last week was perseverance.  Congratulations to these students for demonstrating this strength last week:

Lyla Cook: Persevering with her reading and spelling during our Literacy Learning Hubs.

Riley Geddes: For persevering and trying hard in his reading work. 

Shivansh Maddan: For demonstrating perseverance and an excellent 'have-a-go' attitude in all his activities. 


Well done Riley, Lyla and Shivansh
Well done Riley, Lyla and Shivansh

Week 5 Character Strength Focus

This week our focus is Gratitude 


At St. Joseph’s School, we can show gratitude by:

  • Saying 'Thank you' - to your friends, your teachers, school staff and your family.
  • Giving a small note of thanks to someone.
  • Taking time to reflect and make a list of the things you are grateful for each day.
  • Starting each day by noting something you are grateful for.



By building our character strengths, we can all work together to say:

People have a better day because I am here as part of the school team! 

Each week, we will display our focus for all students to see on our Living Well, Learning Well display. We look forward to watching our students display gratitude in all they do this week and encourage families to discuss this week's character strength at home.



Centacare Services

We are so fortunate to be able welcome our Centacare School Counsellor, Emma Stilinovic, back to St Joseph's as part of our team once again this year. She is available to support students and staff both in the classroom and on the playground as part of our Living Well, Learning Well focus.


If you would like your child to speak with Emma in a confidential capacity, please touch base with your child's teacher and they will arrange for some simple paperwork to be sent home for signing.  


If you have any questions regarding counselling or other support services please speak with your child's teacher or contact Wendy Rheinberger (Inclusion Support Teacher).