Curriculum News



Grade Prep Inquiry

On Tuesday the 27th of August, our Prep students participated in an incursion run by Lizzie’s Lizzards. This incursion supported our Inquiry unit by allowing the students to explore the needs of living things including food, shelter and water. The students enjoyed observing features and adaptations of lizards, frogs, snakes and turtles and learning how these help the animals satisfy their needs in their own particular environment. 


Grade 3 Inquiry

The Grade 3 students have been learning all about Australia and our neighbours in their Inquiry unit. Through this unit we have focused on developing an understanding of environmental issues and how we can become more sustainable. Today we had an incursion run by CERES titled 'Australia 2050'. During this incursion the students were engaged in the following activities:

  • personal futures visioning – imagine what our world will look like in 2050
  • investigating where resources come from and how they are all connected to ecosystems
  • discussing some of the current issues in modern living and introduce the concept of a ‘take-make-waste’ society
  • building a ‘Green Town’ – using real-world, innovative ideas about living sustainably, explore how to live sustainably in a community setting

The learning from this incursion is going to help our students go deeper into their own inquiry into sustainable practices.