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Kitchen News

Kitchen Garden News

Menu Five:

  • Kale and Cheddar Cheese Frittata
  • Couscous Tabouli
  • Tzatziki Dip
  • Pita Bread Chips
  • Apple Turnovers

The big news for the kitchen garden program this week was that we found a kale recipe that everyone enjoyed!  We all know kale is a “superfood” with lots of nutritional benefits but it is not always the most palatable ingredient.  The frittata combined kale, garlic, eggs and cheese to make a delicious baked snack.

Our garden contributed a lot of ingredients for us to work with including: kale, eggs, garlic, parsley, mint and lemons.  Students loved chopping the large bunches of herbs for the tabouli and we even practised our fractions and times tables when preparing the pita bread chips.

You may have seen Emily and Arjun being photographed in the vegetable patch last week by a photographer from the Star Weekly.  Keep your eye out for a write up about the SAKGP in the local newspaper.  Also make welcome our new community volunteers – Cas and Kathryn in the kitchen and Rosemary (perfect name for a kitchen gardener!) in the garden.

For the last week of term Trish will be selling any excess produce that would otherwise go to waste over the school holidays.  We will set up at the large table near the greenhouse after school on Wednesday (Sept 18) from 3pm.  Bring some gold coins to buy fresh vegetables and herbs.  You might even wish to buy some kale to try that frittata at home!

SAKG - Term 3 Timetable