Principal's Report


As you would know, the aim of our school is to provide high quality teaching and programs so that our students can ‘be the best that they can be’.  At both campuses, students are constantly engaged in a diverse range of learning activities. Students are expected to demonstrate through their behaviours the expectations of the school. Students will be responsible, be safe, be respectful and be a learner.


Please remember that there is a public holiday on Monday 11th June when your child is not required at school.

Sick Students

This is the time of the year when many of our students are sick through catching the flu or a virus.  Parents/carers, I ask that you make every effort to keep your child at home until they are well.   I know that this may cause hardship, especially if you are a working parent, but keep in mind that if your child is sick and is sent to school, then others including staff may pick up this infection/illness.

Parking at the Front of the school

This is a reminder that parents/carers are not to pull up on the front driveway between the hours of 8.30 - 9.15am and 2.30 - 3.15pm.  The school buses park on the driveway during this time and it is extremely dangerous for our students if cars are also parked on the driveway.  Additional car parking is available on Gleeson Drive and at the back of the school.

Public Meeting - Presentation of 2017 Annual Report

The Concord School 2017 Annual Report can be read through the following link


Under the Education and Training Reform Regulations, School Councils are required to conduct a public meeting to present the Annual Report to the School Community. This meeting will occur at 6.30pm on Monday, 18th June, in the staffroom at the Bundoora Campus. If you will be attending this meeting, please advise Deb Whiteway on 94673972 or by Friday, 1st June,

School Communication and the use of Compass

It is important that all parents log into Compass so our school can communicate effectively with you. If you have any questions regarding Compass, or are having difficulty in logging-on, then please ring Karen Jordan at our school on 94673972. The Compass log-on can be found at or through the ‘Compass Parent Portal’ link on our website.

Principal's Award

The Principal's Award goes to Tamar Chirnside


Tamar is an excellent and enthusiastic participant at swimming, she is respectful and friendly to the people we meet at the pool.


Tamar is always safe and responsible using the safe entry technique to enter the pool and always follows Scott's instructions and she does a great torpedo rocket off the wall.


Congratulations on consistently doing your best, Tamar.


"Students striving to be the best they can be"


Jason Coningsby