Digital Devices and Children

There is much discussion in relation to young people and the use of technology that raises the level of concern for parents. Much of the reference material available is very one-sided, sometimes due to technology giants commissioning the papers, and sometimes by people who are genuinely concerned who do not look beyond supportive reports. Occasionally professional people in the field present material that is relevant and relates to their area of expertise. This is a link to a blog emanating from UNICEF, and here is a more detailed analysis from them that you can download.

This is a well-balanced article which I really like because it talks about types of students for whom devices may present issues, and presents data showing that for most young people there are numerous positives from the connectivity. I would love to hear from you if you fond this sort of information helpful or would like to discuss it further.

VCE Examinations

Best wishes to Year 12s and Year 11s undertaking examinations. Such a relief to have the English paper done! Now for the rest and ensuring they’re the best work that each individual can produce!

Margaret Simkin