Year 8 - Ecolinc

Emma, Charlotte F & Bria

At Ecolinc ...


*  I built a lego car that moves because of the re-chargable battery I built.

*  I learned that different combinations of metal can make a lemon battery.

*  I liked seeing how many volts we could get out of putting metal in a lemon and connecting wires to it.

*  I didn't know you could make a battery out of a lemon

*  I didn't know that there was liquid in batteries

*  I learned that magnesium reacts and dissolves with the lemon.

*  I learned that nuclear fusion is fusing nuclear atoms together.

*  I learned that you can make a lego car move by itself.

*  I pushed my car so fast that the light lit up!

*  I learned that the magnesium bubbled in the lemon